Seven steps to Buying a property in Victoria

Buying a new home is without doubt the quintessential dream for all of us. However,making sure all the legal steps can be daunting.

Just Conveyancing is on of the most respected and longstanding agencies there to help you every step of the way.

We have put together a ‘must do’ list to get our clients on the right path.

7 Steps to Buying

Ensure you spend time researching that includes meetings with your accountant.
Get ‘pre approval’ for your mortgage and begin the process of selling your own home if you are moving
Find the best real estate agent
Ask and check Section 32statement
Organise a building inspection
Select a loan that suits your needs and budget
Check all paperwork

Just Conveyancing’s role – How we help you…

Our experience staff walk you through every step. Most importantly, we review and check all documentation starting a section 32 through to settlement

Wy Choose Just Conveyancing ?

We take the stress out of buying a house.

With over 50 years’ experience we are specialists in buying and selling homes in Victoria. We are across all statutes and laws relating to conveyancing.
Work quickly and efficiently. Time is precious to everyone, and we don’t want to delay the purchase of your dream property.
We are known to be one of the best low cost and ‘value for money’ services saving our client’s money.
Offer both personal and phone contact outside of regular business hours. We understand that buying a property is not confined to business hours, and that’s we endeavour to be available whenever you need us.

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