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Just Conveyancing

Just Conveyancing was established in 1978 in response to Victoria’s growing need for an affordable alternative to traditional real estate and legal services. We make this often complicated process as simple as possible! that time. Traditionally, legal profession held a virtual monopoly on conveyancing, banks had total control of financing, and government departments held the strings of the red-tape that bound it all together.

Standing up to the monopoly, Just Conveyancing took on the Law Institute – creating not just a business, but an entire industry. Offering a true alternative to solicitors’ services, this industry now adds real competition to the property and estate services’ marketplace – along with the improved customer service and affordable fees that competition engenders.

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Why Choose us ? Just Conveyancing

Today, the determination that saw the creation of an entire industry continues to drive our business. Family owned and operated, Just Conveyancing is Melbourne’s leading conveyancing specialist. Our specialist team is large enough to offer expertise in every area of property transaction, but small enough to provide the service and communication our clients expect. Fully-licenced with a commitment to above-requirement accreditation and on-going training, this expert team share almost a century of experience.

The result is a service that has been the choice of thousands of Victorian families. Many of our clients have been with us through multiple transactions, with members of our team meeting the changing needs of clients as they move from first home to empty nest. For us, and them, it’s all about trust.

First and foremost in the industry, Just Conveyancing is just your one-stop shop for your property and estate needs. Whatever the need, our expert team are available to provide, opinion, service and real help – on time, on budget and without stress.

Our People

Kayne Perry

 Kayne has over 35 years experience in the property conveyancing industry. He has overseen over 50,000 client property transactions making Just Conveyancing one of the largest and most accomplished conveyancing businesses for Victorian customers. Kayne is a ‘hands on’ manager of the business that takes time and care with every single client from start to finish. He has placed his business at the forefront of the Conveyancing industry and is much sought after by many key stakeholders in the Victorian property sector. 

Kim Turner

Having left a successful first career as an event planner to raise her children, Kim Turner was drawn into the family business at the inception of Just Conveyancing in 1978. Quick of mind and fast of foot, Kim learned speedily in the “school of small business”, becoming expert in every aspect of property transfer within a few short years. Since that time she has built Just Conveyancing into Victoria’s leading specialist conveyancing service… along the way bringing together family and friends to work with her in the business’ growth and success. Today as a Fully Licenced Conveyancer, Kim leads her team with the commitment to accuracy and service that has been her hallmark since the early days. Kim has a strong understanding of the property market and is well connected across every sector. Repeat custom is the backbone of her business with many customers choosing Just Conveyancing as they move from first home, to investment property to empty nest.

An active member of the local community with many social and business connections, Kim understands why people choose to live, work and invest in the property market in the area.

Tessa Dobson

Headhunted in her early 20’s to work in a city solicitor’s office that handled the purchase of her own property, Tessa Dobson quickly found that managing property transactions was her perfect fit. Perfectly organised and detailed focused, the role offered her the challenge of minute detail, the exhilaration of achieving tight deadlines… and the reward of helping her clients make their most important purchase. Drawn to a job at Just Conveyancing by the chance to work close to home with a small, specialist team, Tess has found that building her career within a dedicated conveyancing service lets her focus on the thing she does best.

As Just Conveyancing’s settlement expert, Tess is responsible for one of the most important steps of the conveyancing role. In fact, her role is the culmination of the entire process.

Without the routine tasks and irregular emergencies of a solicitor’s office, Tess is able to give her clients’ transactions her full and undivided attention to ensure that every step of her specialist service is completed on time and without compromise. Working daily with at-the-minute deadlines, Tess is responsible for ensuring property buyers enjoy a hassle-free step into their new home or investment property…Tess is the person who literally holds the keys to the door!



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