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What is probate ?

Just Conveyancing


When someone passes away, they often leave behind property, assets and sometimes debt. This is known as their ‘estate’ and it needs to be managed and finalised.

This involves:

  • Collecting all property and assets
  • Paying any debts
  • Distributing the assets according to the will.

Probate is a legal process where the Supreme Court certifies that:

  • A Will is valid and can be acted upon
  • The executor(s) named in the Will have the authority to finalise the estate

Just Conveyancing

You don’t need a solicitor to apply for Probate when the application is straightforward. And in many cases it is. The challenging part, however, is navigating the complicated forms, filling them out correctly and arranging all the necessary documents for lodgement.

That’s where we come in. Just Conveyancing do the tricky paperwork and processes for you, without providing the legal advice that “in many instances” you do not need. This allows us to operate as a consultancy rather than a legal practice, which means we don’t charge expensive legal fees.

We provide the same legal outcome as a solicitor, but you pocket the savings.