First and Foremost, Just Conveyancing
More than just conveyancing, Just Conveyancing is the first, foremost and most trusted specialist for a range of property, estate and financial transactions.
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First and Foremost, Just Conveyancing
Launched in 1978 as an real alternative to traditional solicitors’ services, Just Conveyancing continues to lead the way with a unique high-quality, low-cost conveyancing option for Victorian families.
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Melbourne’s Property Conveyancing Experts

 When you buy or sell property, you are engaging in one of the largest, most valuable and complex transactions you will ever complete. To ensure every detail is exact, you’ll need expert assistance on your side. Which is where Just Conveyancing can help you.

At Just Conveyancing, our team of conveyancing experts are your most valuable resource for all property and estate needs. With more than three decades of experience built on expertise and trust, we can guide you through every property transaction and meet your changing needs. From residential to commercial, subdivision to refinancing, Just Conveyancing continues to lead the way with a unique, low-cost conveyancing option for Victorians.

What Is Conveyancing and How Do We Help?

Conveyancing refers to the legal process of property transfer, allowing a property to be moved into or out of an individual or entity’s name. This involves the property contract but there are many other aspects that a conveyancer can assist you with.

What Exactly Does a Conveyancer Do?

At Just Conveyancing, we’re by your side to take the stress out of buying or selling a property. The legal jargon can be complex but we break it down for you to ensure you achieve the best outcome.

Just Conveyancing makes the whole process easier with services including:


Buying or selling a property

Subdivision of land

Refinancing a property

♦ Lodging and stamping

♦ Probate guidance

♦ Residential and commercial

Conveyancing for Buyers

Buying your first property in Victoria can be hard enough. Let our real estate experts make the process easier for you by taking care of the legal aspects.

Conveyancing for buyers is about protecting your rights in a contract and throughout the transaction. This involves a range of research, documentation, navigating terminology and paperwork, which we will take care of for you. From the contract of sale to property settlement, trust Just Conveyancing for affordable services.

Conveyancing for Sellers

Selling your property is a huge legal undertaking, financially and emotionally. At Just Conveyancing, we can assist you with all the documentation, the contract of sale, as well as representing your best interests with the buyer and at the settlement.

Among other things, we will help you take care of Section 32 (Contract of Sale), an important legal document that needs to be prepared for the intended buyer.

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