The A-Z of Conveyancing for Sellers

January 30, 2018
A “for sale” sign in front of a home

The A-Z of Conveyancing for Sellers

Whether it’s your family home, a long-term investment or your place of business, selling a property can definitely be a rollercoaster of emotions. However, it’s important to keep a steady head and protect yourself before, during and after the sale. In order to do this, you’re going to need expert legal advice.

Conveyancing services are essential when selling a property, providing comprehensive A-Z solutions to protect you and remove the burden of navigating complicated legal jargon.

To find out the benefits of conveyancers, read on and explore a timeline of essential conveyancing services for sellers.

Ready to Sell? You’re Ready for a Contract!

If you’re ready to sell, you’re ready to talk to a conveyancer, even if you’re only in the early stages of the process. This is because there are several steps and documents that need to be completed first, and the expertise of a conveyancer is definitely required for these steps.

The most important document a conveyancing service will take care of is the Section 32 or the Contract of Sale. This essential legal document can protect your legal and financial rights, while its completion begins a range of other sales and marketing processes.

Depending on your circumstances, this contract can be prepared in as little as 24 hours but it may take a number of weeks for more complicated cases. To ensure it is completed quickly, accurately and efficiently, trust an experienced conveyancing firm with this task.

Thorough Property Searches

Searches will be required on your property to look for things like access rights issues, including covenants and easements. These searches are often required before the contract is drawn up and they also provide us with all the information we need to protect you during a sale.

Speaking of which, conveyancers will also be there to navigate potential amendments to the contact that interested buyers and their legal representatives suggest. A conveyancing expert will ensure your rights are always protected while providing a fair and reasonable contract of sale.

Answering the Tough Questions

 Interested parties and their lawyers will often have complicated questions about your property. Instead of having to field this yourself, a conveyancing expert can act on your behalf, taking one more hassle off your hands while you prepare for your move.

Post-Settlement, Post-Auction and Post-Sale Peace of Mind

 Conveyancing services are all about peace of mind and complete protection for you. With that in mind, a conveyancer can also ensure that the settlement process runs smoothly and that the property is transferred out of your name without any last-minute complications. If you auction your property, a conveyancing team will check the Statement of Adjustments and liaise with lenders on your behalf to ensure a smooth mortgage discharge process.

However you choose to sell, a conveyancer will be there for you beyond the final stages to make sure you can confidently celebrate your successful sale.

Celebrate Property Sales in Melbourne with Just Conveyancing

 For families in Melbourne and throughout Victoria, Just Conveyancing is the low-cost, high-quality team who will provide conveyancing services for sellers from A-Z. If you’re ready to sell a home, an investment property or a business, talk to us first and avoid expensive solicitor’s fees. Head to our contact page now to give us a call or leave a message and we’ll get back to you soon!

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