The A-Z of Conveyancing for Buyers

January 15, 2018
A couple examines their new home

The A-Z of Conveyancing for Buyers

You don’t always realise it at the time but when you purchase a property, you’re making a major investment decision. This might be a direct investment decision, like buying a rental property or a small business, but even purchasing your home is a huge investment. For many of us, it is the largest one we will ever make.

Conveyancing services help to protect buyers when transferring property into their name. Taking care of all the legal processes, conveyancers treat these major transactions with the respect they deserve while taking the stress of a complicated legal process off your shoulders.

Looking for stress-free conveyancing services in Melbourne and Victoria? Here’s how it’s done:

Advice from the Very First Step

 Conveyancing services can begin before you’ve even found your new home. In fact, if you’re seriously looking for a property or investigating home loan pre-approval, we recommend having a conveyancer on your side. Whether you’re looking to buy a property off the plan or you’re after general real estate advice, conveyancing services can be crucial at this stage.

Once you’ve found your dream property, a Melbourne conveyancer can review the contract of sale, negotiate amendments, and conduct thorough research into your dream home to search for easements, covenants or other access issues. This will ensure you are fully informed, protected, and ready to sign the contract with confidence.

Meeting All the Legal Requirements

 There are multiple steps that a buyer will need to complete in order to secure their new home and a conveyancer can assist with many of these.

A conveyancer can ensure that all searches are completed, additional lender requirements are met and that forms are lodged quickly and accurately. All of this is essential to avoid extra complications and costs throughout the process.

Other ways a conveyancing service can assist you and save you money include:

  • Ensuring you’re registered correctly on the title (joint proprietor, tenants in common, etc.)
  • Assisting you when buying property with an SMSF fund
  • Advising you and helping you apply for discounts and reductions, including the First Home Owner Grant and pensioner discounts
  • Acting on your behalf at any point in the process while you are away

At the Settlement and Beyond

 While you’re preparing for the exciting milestone of collecting your keys and unpacking your boxes, we’re ensuring you are protected until the very end.

A conveyancer can remain in constant contact with your lender as well as the seller to make sure that everything is ready for the settlement. During the settlement, we can be there on your behalf, taking care of the documentation and overseeing the exchange of money.

We can lodge documents for you and inform you when the whole process is complete. With your rights protected every step of the way, the only thing left to do is celebrate!

Just Conveyancing – Comprehensive A-Z Services for Buyers

 Whether you’re buying an investment property off the plan, a new business premises or your first family home, Just Conveyancing is the team to trust in Melbourne and Victoria. Explore our conveyancing services for buyers  or ask us how we can assist you. Call (03) 8580 2276 or leave us a message online.

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