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Refinancing – Get the Information You Need


Are you thinking of refinancing your mortgage to achieve better rates on your home loan? This seems like a great idea on paper, but like all financial property processes, it can be more complicated than that.


At Just Conveyancing, we offer more than just standard conveyancing services. Victorian families trust us for a range of property, estate and financial transactions. In fact, our range of low-cost, high-quality services has saved many of our client’s time, money and stress.


If you’re looking to refinance your home loan, Just Conveyancing can provide clear information and better rates to ensure refinancing success.


When Should You Think about Refinancing?

Refinancing a mortgage may be a great idea for many Australians. There are often better rates out there that can put you in a more advantageous position. As well as this, refinancing may open up new avenues to leverage your existing wealth.
  • Reviewing your financial situation or the competitiveness of a lender’s rate may lead you to consider refinancing
  • Refinancing can also unlock equity in your home to pay for a new investment property, renovation or other expense
  • Refinancing may lead to lower monthly costs or you may have an opportunity to take advantage of a fixed rate or favourable variable rates
  • You can also consolidate a range of debts by refinancing

Important Considerations before Refinancing


An understanding of your financial situation, as well as the opportunities available to you, is essential before you commit to refinancing a mortgage.


Ask yourself some of these questions:

Am I in a stable financial position and will it remain this way for the life of the new loan?

Am I planning on selling the property soon?

Can I truly achieve a better rate with a new loan?

Have I considered the costs and fees including exit costs for my previous loan and lenders fees?

Will I be taking advantage of equity opportunities?

Our Service Takes Care of the Entire Process

Just Conveyancing’s refinancing service is all about ensuring you have the answers to pressing questions and access to the best refinancing home loan options.

We can guide you through your refinancing transaction, ensure you have the best loan option for your needs, liaise with your lender to prepare the documents and ensure all other processes are ticked off along the way. In short, this means you receive the best advice, the best loan and a stress-free service should you choose to refinance.

For more information on this service, contact Just Conveyancing online or call 03 9557 1557.

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