Old Title purchases – Be sure you have your facts straight!

December 10, 2018

Old Title purchases – Be sure you have your facts straight!

When you make an old title purchase, issues can arise. Be sure you have your facts straight — talk to a conveyancer to help you identify and resolve any potential problems.

At Just Conveyancing, we provide conveyancing services across Melbourne. We specialise in property conveyancing in Melbourne and will assist you when it comes to simplifying the conveyancing process on a number of properties and purchases.

We’ll explain some of the common concerns related to old title purchases below.

Errors in Public Records  

Mistakes happen in every avenue of life and unfortunately, there are times when those mistakes affect your rights as a homeowner. Something as simple as a filing error can have a domino effect, resulting in unforeseen and complex issues when it comes time to purchase a property.


As much as we hate to say it, forgeries are a real risk when purchasing old buildings. If important documents relating to your purchase turn out to be forged, you could lose your home or investment.

Boundary and Survey Disputes

Much of the time, several surveys of your property will be conducted before you decide to purchase it. But if it’s an old title purchase, there may be other surveys on file that show boundaries different to the ones your surveys have shown. It’s important to make sure these surveys align, otherwise a neighbour or other third party could make claims to some of your land. 

Illegal Actions

With old title purchases, there is always a possibility that an illegal deed has been committed by someone unqualified to own property. Unfortunately, this can sometimes affect you, as the current owner.

How Can A Conveyancer Help?

Ultimately, hiring a conveyancer allows you to work with a professional so you can have peace of mind that the entire process of assessing old title issues has been performed properly. An experienced conveyancer has worked with a variety of old title properties and knows what to look for. If issues do present themselves, a conveyancer will help you draw up the right documentation, talk to lawyers, and provide you with specialised advice so you don’t get overwhelmed by the complicated processes that come with finding old title issues.

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