Let’s Look at Subdivisions – Assessing the Pros & Cons

February 10, 2018
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Let’s Look at Subdivisions – Assessing the Pros & Cons

If you have a block of land that’s on the larger side, you may have considered property division. Subdivision involves taking one larger lot of land and dividing it into several smaller titles, and it has the potential to unlock extra value in your land. However, there are financial and legal complications to consider before undertaking subdivision. You will need expert advice from land surveyors and property conveyancers, as well as liaising with your local council and Land Victoria.

So, if you’re considering subdividing in Melbourne or throughout Victoria, here’s some general advice to help you get started.

Unlock Potential for Property Investors and Developers

Property subdivision can be an excellent opportunity if you’re interested in property investment or development. Whether you’re just getting started or you’re looking to diversify your portfolio, turning one property into two or more can be financially lucrative.

For example, divided land can have several units built upon it, which have the potential to earn more rental income than a single home. In some cases, you could also sell one or more of the lots and use the profits to fund development on the rest of the land, giving you a head-start on a cash-flow positive investment.

Of course, developers and investors can also sell each lot of land separately, looking to extract more value from their land than they could from a single sale.

All in all, it’s clear that the flexibility of subdivision gives you the potential for greater financial gain – but that’s not the whole story.

The Other Side of Property Subdivision

The other side of subdivision is an incredibly precise and time-consuming process, involving a number of applications, forms, and of course, expenses. Any delays in the subdivision process can be unnecessarily expensive, derailing your entire timeline.

In summary, property subdivision involves:

  • Performing a title search on the original block of land
  • Engaging a surveyor to prepare the land and your application
  • Submitting your plans to the council and ensuring their requirements are met
  • Preparing and lodging documents, forms and checklists for Land Victoria in order to create new lots of land. This is where a conveyancing service can help you save time, money and stress
  • Land Victoria examines your documents, registers the new plan and issues the new titles

Potential Subdivision Costs

 Even minor and straightforward subdivisions can become expensive, which is why it’s important to have expert advice on your side. Among other things, your subdivision costs will include:

  • Application costs including specialist reports, council fees and a range of different applications
  • Construction costs for each individual property, such as sewerage, electricity, driveway construction and stormwater costs
  • Subdividing costs such as fees for each new title of land, examination fees and legal fees

 How Just Conveyancing Can Help

 With high-quality, low-cost, property law services, Just Conveyancing offers advice and guidance for the legal aspect of subdividing. This includes title searches and ensuring that forms are correctly completed and promptly submitted to Land Victoria and other bodies.

Offering an affordable alternative to traditional solicitors, we provide affordable subdivision services without the hefty fees. For more information on how we can minimise your costs and promote subdivision success, call (03) 8580 2276 or contact us online.

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