How Can a Conveyancer Help Before You Buy?

July 10, 2018
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How Can a Conveyancer Help Before You Buy?

Buyers often contact a conveyancer after they have signed on for a property. By then, some things may be too late. This article explores how a conveyancer can help you before you buy, including providing crucial real estate advice that can help you find the perfect house.

Take a Look at the Legal Documents

Buying a house isn’t just about walking inside a house and liking the way it looks. It’s an important process that involves a great deal of scrutiny, and this scrutiny should start with the legal documents involved.

A conveyancer will examine the legal documents involved with purchasing a house, in particular, the deed of settlement, the title, and section 32. They will ensure that the documents are valid and fair and that your rights will be protected should you sign them.

Preparing Legal Documents

The purchasing process requires the preparation of legal documents alongside the signing of others. These documents need to be meticulously created with clear conditions that respect all parties involved. Each sentence, term and condition must be specially crafted. Receiving expert advice from the beginning of the process will ensure that this will happen and that you will not make a regrettable mistake due to an unfair and inappropriate contract.

Payment Liaising

Purchasing a home takes a lot of time, communication and effort. Without the proper assistance, the process can quickly become stressful and overwhelming.

A conveyancer can help with one of the most important aspects of purchasing a home: a smooth payment.

How So?

They can do so by:

  • Communicating with your bank. This may be about the necessary cheques for settlement, title details needed to prepare mortgage documents, as well as other adjustments.
  • Communicating with the party on the other side of the contract, whether this be a lawyer or conveyancer. They may discuss which areas of the contract are covered by whom, for example, damage done to the house in between inspections.
  • Reviewing your statement of adjustments and relevant documents to ensure your finances will be in order for the purchase to go through.
  • Informing you of stamp duty, council rates and transfer fees.


Overall, a conveyancer assists with your organisation by offering expert advice on a difficult and intense process. Alongside looking out for your best interests in the legal documents involved and keeping you afloat during the payment process, they also assist you with the timeline of purchasing your home.

This can be through informing you of critical dates such as the settlement or handover date, or even attending settlement on your behalf should you require them to.

If you have questions…

We all need help sometimes, and purchasing a home should result in a celebration instead of endless heartache and stress.

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