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Advice on selling properties in Victoria


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Large or small scale subdivisions across Victoria


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Property Conveyance across Victoria

  • Buying and Selling Property
  • Subdivision of Land
  • Refinancing a property
  • Lodging and Stamping
  • Probate Guidance
  • Residential and Commercial Conveyance

Conveyancing for Buyers

Before you purchase a property, it's important to ensure your rights are protected by a contract of sale. There could be common traps hidden in your contract, or easements and covenants on your new property. It’s never too early to contact Just Conveyancing. Once you’ve started looking for a home, we can be there to assist you every step of the way.

Conveyancing for Sellers

If you are planning on selling your property, Just Conveyancing can help you prepare the paperwork. The first step is to start preparing your Contract of Sale (or Section 32). This process will vary depending on whether you choose to sell at a private sale or via auction. Just Conveyancing will help liaise with potential buyers and guide you through the entire process.

Property Subdivisions

Subdividing your land into several properties can be a great way to maximise your profits. However, there is complex paperwork and legal processes that you will need to navigate first. Talk to the Subdivision specialists at Just Conveyancing to ensure this process goes smoothly, saving time and money for large and small scale subdivisions


Just Conveyancing offers more than just standard conveyancing services. Whether you’re looking to consolidate your position or start anew, we can guide you through property refinancing. Our mortgage specialists have the skills to work out refinance options for your property that will be feasible within your budget and time constraints

Probate Services

As property finance and legal experts, we can assist you with applying for probate and carrying out duties related to a deceased estate. Talk to our licensed specialists for expert advise on Probate regulations

Lodging and Stamping

As one of the final steps in our conveyancing services for buyers and sellers, we assist you with lodging and stamping documents for a property transfer. Talk to us about your property investments today!

Residential Conveyancing

When it comes to buying and selling property, we’re here for you, whether you are selling a private home or unit, land or commercial property. We cam guide you through the minefield of legalities and regulations.

Commercial Conveyancing

Buying or selling Commercial property can be overwhelming for a novice with compliance to regulations, licencing legalities and more. Just Conveyancing can help make the process simple and straightforward for you

First and Foremost, Just Conveyancing


More than just conveyancing, Just Conveyancing is the first, foremost and most trusted specialist for a range of property, estate and financial transactions. Launched in 1978 as an real alternative to traditional solicitors’ services, Just Conveyancing continues to lead the way with a unique high-quality, low-cost conveyancing option for Victorian families.

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