Conveyancing for investors – How to dodge the bullets of title issues

September 25, 2018

Conveyancing for investors – How to dodge the bullets of title issues

If you’re thinking about buying an investment property, one of the experts you should consult is a conveyancer. These professionals can help with a range of matters relating to property transactions that most investors don’t have the time for. By leveraging expert services, you can ensure your investment transaction goes smoothly, and you’re not left with any surprise problems with the title after settlement.

No matter how many properties you have bought in the past, there are always hidden traps for buyers that can be easy to miss. You need to take the right precautions and ensure all due diligence, from contract checking to property inspections, is carried out thoroughly.

How Can a Conveyancer Can Help?

Conveyancers ensure that when you purchase a property, the process is simple and stress-free, assisting in a variety of matters from the general real estate advice at the earliest stages of the house hunting process through till the end, including:

  • Property and contract research – A property transaction involves dealing with multiple legal documents. A conveyancer is crucial for examining the contract of sale for hidden clauses and encumbrances like easements and covenants on your land.
  • Preparing and lodging documents – Working with a conveyancer ensures all legal documents, such as the contract of sale and memorandum of the transfer, are completed and lodged on time.
  • Representing your interests – The vendor you deal with will probably have legal representation because they want the best deal possible. Having a conveyancer in your court protecting your interests boosts your negotiating power.
  • Taking care of the settlement process – A conveyancer can attend the settlement on your behalf, liaising with the seller and financial institutions during the closing stages of the sale to ensure your rights are protected, and all the right payments and tariffs have been processed.

Can You Renovate?

Many property investors look for properties where they can build value through renovations, allowing them to earn more rental income and make capital gains. However, council by-laws, zoning and overlays for the area can heavily influence what kind of renovations are allowed to be carried out on the property.

A good conveyancer will help you understand what can and can’t be done with the property once you buy it. It can be easy to miss some of these restrictions when reading a contract yourself and find out you can’t carry out the plans you had for your investment. Avoid this trap by working with professionals that can help ensure you are fully informed.

Get in Touch With a Conveyancer in Melbourne

Dealing with properties, whether buying or selling, can be complicated and time consuming, even for experienced investors. From preparing legal documents and overseeing the negotiation and settlement processes, if you need quality, reliable conveyancing services in Melbourne, talk to the experienced team at Just Conveyancing.

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